Congratulations on your pregnancy!


Having been lucky enough to practice yoga throughout my entire pregnancy, I strongly recommend it.  I want you to experience all the magic of being pregnant.

Prenatal Yoga at YogaLife helps bring you in touch with the amazing things happening inside you and with your unborn baby.  You will come to realise you really are a goddess with the power to bring a new life into the world!  It is not something happening to you – you are not passive in this process.  You are the one making it happen!

Prenatal Yoga helps you tune into your changing body and you start acknowledging the fact that your body has to work very hard during pregnancy (and after), so you need to give it what it really needs…listen to it!

If you are planning to have a baby your preparation should begin now, meditate on it, visualize yourself with the pregnant belly. This will make you more receptive to the pregnancy, you can attract it and manifest it. Anything you can visualize you can achieve!!

Above all enjoy it pamper yourself after all you are the Goddess creating magic..a new life!

According to the results of research done by scientists at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre and the Yoga Research Foundation in Bangalore, India, women practicing yoga were less likely to give birth prematurely, had lower C-section rates, lower blood pressure and better fetal growth compared to the mums that walked instead of doing yoga.

Yoga views pregnancy as the gift of giving life. According to Yogi Bhagan marriage is the highest yoga. Children are your karmic teachers, your baby will teach you the lessons needed for you to move forward on your spiritual path. The relationship with your partner is your highest spiritual practice.

You are beautiful.

You are manifesting the Divine Creative Power of the Adi Shakti.

Honour yourself : care for yourself.

You are the Divine Mother in your most beautiful creativity.

Honour yourself: be grateful.

There is no greater sacrifice and no greater honor.

You turn your own blood into milk to nourish your child.

Honor yourself: care for yourself, body, mind and spirit.

Self -containment is the art of prosperity. It is the highest spiritual strength. There is nothing to match it”

~ Yogi Bhajan

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